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Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe
Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe
Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe
Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe
Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe
Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe
Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe
Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe
Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe
Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe
Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe
Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe

Sun Welding P36 Pony Express Series Gun Safe

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    The Pony Express Series is Sun Welding's signature series.  The Pony Express Series is designed as a an overall heavy duty safe. Offering a solid 1/4" steel plate door and 10 gauge steel body.  The Pony Express series offers a Group II combination lock or Electronic lock.  The lock is protected by a 1/4" hard plate plus 1/2" absorption plate, to resist from impact, drilling, or punch attacks.  In addition, the independent three way bolt works are protected by two spring loaded re-locking systems which lock the entire bolt works together. The three way bolt works offer five active bolts on the opening side and hinge side of the door and also one top bolt.

    The Pony Express Series also comes standard with fire insulation for protection rated at 1200_ for 30 minutes (up to 2 hours available).  The UL fire insulation protects all six interior surfaces.  The door is sealed with a heat expanding seal, swelling up to eight times it's size.

    A fully adjustable interior is standard and available in several different options.  Designed to maximize your interior gun capacity while also providing the most shelving space available.

    The finishing touch is the hand applied artwork. Exterior finish comes standard in your choice of color.

    The Pony Express Series is the perfect safe for a home, garage or work space.



    Made in America!


    Sun Welding's Vault Series safes can be configured to meet your specific needs.  Choose your options using the product configurator on this page.  

    Customizable Options Include:

    • Hinge placement
    • Color
    • Fire Rating
    • Interior Style & Fabric Color
    • Handle Type
    • Lock Type
    • Logo Options
    • Steel Upgrade


    Since these safes are built to order, please allow 10-15 weeks for production and shipping.

    ***Sun Welding safes ship for FREE and include curbside delivery.  For more information please see the SHIPPING tab.  Other shipping options, such as White Glove Delivery, are available for an added fee and can be selected using the Shipping Options dropdown menu.***



    Sun Welding offers a solid 1/4" door and 10 Gauge (9/64") body on the Pony Express Series. The door frame is made from a solid 3/16" frame for added security. Sun Welding doors won't flex like composite drywall doors. The door is recessed for additional security. In addition heat activated door seal that swells up to 7 times it's size to help seal out smoke and heat. The bodies are continuously welded. 

    Sun Welding has been manufacturing safes in Southern California since 1980. NEVER imported. Always providing American made manufacturing. The only parts we do not make are the locks and the handles. 

    Sun Welding offers heavy duty exterior hinge set with a full 180_ swing door. Allowing the door to be removable for transportation. 

    Sun Welding's warranty covers fire, theft, and burglary.  We also offer extended warranties on locks and entry.

    Sun Welding's gloss paint in a variety of color finishes is hand painted and finished with hand applied logos. Logos available in chrome, gold, or black.  Standard with a 5 spoke handle (adds 3" to depth), a finishing touch. 


    Sun Welding fabric lines the six interior walls with 5/8" fire board. See the fire 'Fire Rating' section below for more information. Then we hand build each interior from solid 3/4" particle board. It is then finished a velour fabric (variety of colors to choose from). With three standard rifle configurations to choose or a solid collector shelf interior we have the interior for you.  We can also custom build an interior made to your specifications.  See 'Interiors' section below to view available interior options.  There are six pre-drilled mounting holes in the bottom of every safe for bolting the safe down to the floor.


    Sun Welding's independent mounted bolting system stops a wide variety of attacks. Using a cam drive system to gear the linkage these parts will not break under pressure. The Pony Express Series offers up to Twelve 1" diameter locking bolts (5 active each side, 1 top, and optional bolt at bottom).  With two re-lockers, protected by Armor Hard Plate and second 1/2" steel plate the security is reinforced.


    Sun Welding gives the user the option of a UL listed group 2 combination mechanical lock or electronic lock. We offer a wide variety of manufactures from BigRed, S&G, LaGard, and SecuRam.  In addition to EMP proof redundant style locks. 


    Every Sun Welding Safe exceeds the UL RSC and CA DOJ requirements. We tested out entry level safes to ensure the test requirements. 

    The fire test was performed with a safe being placed in an oven that was 1200_.  At 'x' minutes the internal temperature of the safe reached 350_. The overall burn time of a safe in a fire depends on many different factors such as the temperature of the fire and the length of time the fire burns around the safe. The safe door also includes a smoke seal around the door to prevent smoke from entering the safe.

    • _ 30 Minutes Standard weighs 754 lbs
          _ Internal dimensions approximately 58.5"H x 34"W x 21.5"D
      _ 60 Minutes increases weight to 850 lbs
          _ Internal dimensions approximately 57.25"H x 32.75"W x 20.25"D
      _ 90 Minutes increases weight to 946 lbs
          _ Internal dimensions approximately 56"H x 31.5"W x 19"D 
      _ 120 Minutes increases weight to 1042 lbs
          _ Internal dimensions approximately 54.75"H x 30.25'W x 17.75"D 



      sun welding safes interior layout



      Interior Fabric Options:

      sun welding interior color chart



      MODEL P36
      EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS 60” x 36” x 28”
      FIRE RATING Your choice of 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes
      INTERIOR DIMENSIONS (30 MIN) 58.5"H x 34"W x 21.5"D
      WEIGHT - 60 MINUTES 850 LBS
      INTERIOR DIMENSIONS (60 MIN) 57.25"H x 32.75"W x 20.25"D
      WEIGHT - 90 MINUTES 946 LBS
      INTERIOR DIMENSIONS (90 MIN) 56"H x 31.5"W x 19"D 
      WEIGHT - 120 MINUTES 1042 LBS
      INTERIOR DIMENSIONS (120 MIN) 54.75"H x 30.25'W x 17.75"D 


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