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Milagon Conductive Comfort Matta - Closed - Black 20" X 20" x 1" SDMCB2

Milagon Conductive Comfort Matta - Closed - Black 20" X 20" x 1" SDMCB2

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    Milagon Conductive Comfort Matta closed tile is part of the WORK MATTA® ESD series. 

    Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a major concern for manufacturers and assemblers of electronic products.  Effective and reliable ESD control can generate significant cost savings and production efficiencies.

    Specialized WORK MATTA® ESD flooring will provide workplace protection from electrostatic discharge in two ways:

    • As an antistatic area that will not allow static electricity to be generated at potentially hazardous levels. 
    • By removing the charge from a conductive object placed on the surface.  

    WORK MATTA® ESD flooring is highly effective because it is manufactured to perform within narrow parameters on the conductive/insulative spectrum and each tile is guaranteed to operate in the ideal dissipative range.



    Product Weight

    7 lbs/PC


    20” x 20” x 1”




    Recycled materials



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