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Swivel Storage Solutions: Buying Guide

Welcome to our in-depth guide to Swivel Storage Solutions products featuring their patented swivel hinge technology.  Read on to learn about how the swivel system is the solution to common problems associated with toolbox drawer slides.



Toolbox drawers on standard drawer slides tend to fail over time.  This is especially common in commercial settings where toolboxes are used multiple times a day, every day.  The ball bearings can wear out causing drawers to get stuck.  What if you could avoid dealing with metal drawer slides sticking and having to repair or replace them?



Swivel Storage Solutions’ products were born out of necessity.  After noticing how often they were replacing toolboxes due to rollers and bearings binding from metal filings and debris, the Penner family decided to design a better and longer-lasting solution.   


Swivel’s key features and benefits include:

  • Eliminating troublesome drawer slides and bearings.
  • Dirt and dust will not affect the strong patented greaseable swivel hinge.
  • The swivel design ensures that the drawers will never bind or sag.
  • Low resistance allows very heavy doors to close properly every time with one hand.
  • The flat drawer bottoms mean the contents in the drawer below will not catch or snag.
  • Fully welded heavy gauge all steel construction ensures a durable tool storage system that will last a lifetime.
  • Durable powder paint finish.
  • Solid 1” shaft
  • 10- and 14-gauge drawers
  • Anti-skid drawer liners to protect the drawer contents.
  • Drawers are rated at 400 lbs weight capacity.




Rolling Workbenches:

Swivel Storage Solutions mobile workbenches are available in 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 12-drawer configurations, enabling versatility in your work environment. 

Swivel’s 2-in-1 workbenches allow you to maximize productivity by providing ample storage for your essential tools right at your work area.

These workbenches are constructed from heavy duty steel and 2-inch square tube frame, for maximum sturdiness and durability.  They are also powder coated for added protection from rust and chips. 

Aside from the trademark swivel hinge drawers, another key feature of the rolling workbenches is the patented foot pedal system that raises the heavy-duty caster wheels up and down.  Lower the casters when you want to move the unit.  Raise the casters and let the workbench sit on the frame and leveling feet when the workbench is stationary.  This helps prevent the caster wheels from developing flat spots. 

Additional features include a secure key locking system for protection of your valuable tools.


MAX 60

The MAX 60 is Swivel’s 10-Drawer 60” Rolling Workbench.  This model is equipped with (6) 3-inch and (4) 8-inch drawers, and 12-gauge tabletop.  Available in blue or orange.

Swivel Storage Solutions MAX 60 Rolling Workbench 




PRO 60

Similar in specs to the MAX 60, the PRO 60 features 12 drawers in its 60” wide design.  This model includes (4) 2.5-inch, (4) 3-inch, (2) 5-inch, and (2) 9-inch drawers.  With a ¼” thick steel and powder-coated worktop surface, this workbench can handle heavy projects.  Available in orange.

 Swivel Storage Solutions Pro 60 Rolling Workbench



PRO 30

The Swivel Storage Solutions PRO 30 rolling workbench features 7-drawers and is 30” wide.  Just like the MAX 60 and PRO 60, this model boasts a centralized locking system, 2” square tubing frame, and leveling feet.  Additionally, the patented foot pedal system allows for easy maneuverability and prevents casters from getting flat spots. 

Swivel Storage Solutions Pro 30 Rolling Workbench 



Modular Workbench:

PRO 80

Swivel Storage Solutions’ PRO 80 modular workbench series comes in a 6-drawer and 4-drawer configuration.  The modular design allows the components to bolt together, for a customizable workspace to meet your needs.

Choose from ¼” and 7-gauge steel, powder coated or stainless steel, worksurface tops.  Add a Lazy Swivel for corner applications and a 1-drawer desk unit which helps create a space to sit and work.  Finish your custom workspace with middle unit and end unit floor cabinets, with height adjustable shelves.  The possibilities are truly endless.

These workbenches are also manufactured with the same heavy-duty steel and leg levelers, just like their mobile counterparts.

Swivel Storage Solutions Modular Workbench




Service Body Toolboxes:

The swivel hinge technology is ideal for service body toolboxes.  Swivel Storage Solutions service body toolboxes are built tough, will take a tumble, and will protect your contents.

Featuring all-steel vibration-resistant construction to prevent tools from shifting and moving while the vehicle is in motion.  Weather-sealed 12-gauge frame and 14-gauge drawers add even more protection and durability.  The positive latch system will ensure each drawer remains closed even when the vehicle is in motion.

Swivel Storage Solutions service body and van toolboxes are available in 4, 5 and 8-drawer configurations, each in either 30” or 24” widths. 

8-Drawer 30-inch Service Body Toolbox

Swivel Storage Solutions PRO343408 Service Body Toolbox



The Swivel Storage Systems Pro Series requires minimal upkeep.  By keeping up with the following simple maintenance tips, you can help prolong the life of your Swivel product.

  • Grease each grease zerk located inside each drawer, at the swivel point, every 12 months.
  • Clean interior and exterior surfaces with mild soap and water.
  • Depending on the environment that your Swivel Storage Solutions Product is in, the magnets located on the rear of each drawer may collect metallic debris over time which may inhibit the drawers from staying completely closed. This may affect the locking mechanism as it will not engage properly due to the drawer not closing completely. Should this occur, open each drawer one at a time (never open all drawers at the same time). With a glove on the hand which is to be used to clean the metallic debris, wipe off the magnet on the rear of each drawer. This will restore proper closure of the drawer and proper operation of the locking mechanism.