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Guide to AMSEC Safes Locks

AMSEC American Security offers a variety of lock options for their safes.  Whether you are looking for a mechanical dial combination or electronic lock, AMSEC has you covered with their UL Listed locks.  



UL Listed Group 2 – Typically found on B and C rated safes, Group 2 locks meet the minimum requirements for accuracy, build tolerances, and durability as set forth by Underwriters Laboratories.  Group 2 locks provide the lowest level of resistance to attacks and are usually sufficient in keeping out an unauthorized person with little knowledge of safe manipulation techniques.

The mechanical dial three-wheel combination lock offers 1 million possible combinations.

Key-locking front read dial – numbers are located right on the front for easy viewing and the key lock adds an extra layer of security.

amsec mechanical dial lock front read



This lock comes with a spy-proof dial.  The numbers are located around the side of the dial are a mostly hidden except for a small section at the top, viewable only to the user opening the lock. 

This is also a UL Listed Group 2 three-wheel lock with 1 million possible combinations.

This lock is available with or without a key lock.

 amsec spy-proof mechanical dial lock no key amsec spy-proof mechanical dial lock with key


This lock features:

  • Three brass and aluminum combination wheels provide 1,000,000 theoretical combinations.
  • Dual brass locking cams prevent wheel slippage.
  • Solid brass locking bolt and zinc drop lever.
  • Four-way brass drive cam allows mounting RH, LH, VU or VD.
  • Internal spring-loaded brass relock trigger guards against punch attacks.
  • Standard mounting footprint matches most mechanical and electronic safe locks.
  • Large front-read convertible dial and ring.
  • Both dial and ring are die cast with black finish and white letters.
  • A solid, machined brass spindle – 4 7/8”.
  • Can be converted to a key-locking dial with a disc tumbler key cylinder and two keys.
  • Comes standard with an attractive self-stick solid dial insert or a key-locking dial insert.





The ESL10XL electronic lock is U.L. Type 1 listed that boasts easy installation and operation.  This lock replaces most mechanical combination locks. Features include a splash-proof keypad and audible and visual feedback.  There is also a 15-minute penalty lockout after four incorrect entries.  Security features include a patented dead-latched lock design with an internal relocking device.  The lock also “auto locks” when boltwork is thrown, which helps prevent safe from being left open.

ESL10XL Electronic Lock Operating Instructions

amsec esl10xl electronic lock


The U.L. Listed Type 1 ESL20XL electronic lock allows for up to 10 users:  one manager, one courier, and eight users.  This lock also provides audible and visual feedback and has a splash-proof keypad.  The ESL20XL also supports time delay (1 to 99 minutes), dual control (can be programed to require two combinations for added security), and armored car override (when enabled, allows an armored car service to bypass Time Delay).  The lock also has a 15-minute penalty lockout after four incorrect entries.

Additionally, this model has an optional expansion module which features:

  • Duress (silent signal) alarm output – provides relay output for alarm system connection
  • External connection for A/C power

ESL20XL Electronic Lock Operating Instructions

amsec esl20xl electronic lock


The ESLAUDIT II Electronic Lock comes with extensive features and is the premier lock for providing security.  Key features include:

  • UL Type 1 Listed
  • Large backlit 4-line LCD display
  • Splash-proof keypad
  • 40 users, each configurable with unique privileges
  • 5,000-record audit trail stored inside the safe
  • Supports 4 locks
  • Audible and visual feedback

Additionally, the ESLAUDIT II lock offers three types of users:  PIN only, e-key and PIN/e-key.  This lock also supports time delay, dual control, and armored car bypass, and holiday schedule.  The lock also has a beeper volume control and 15-minute penalty lockout after four incorrect entries. 

An optional expansion module includes AC power and duress (silent alarm) feature.

ESLAudit II Literature

amsec eslaudit ii electronic audit trail lock