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Buyer's Guide for Purchasing a Functional Workbench

When shopping for a workbench, it is important to note that there are several different types of workbenches on the market.  Depending on if you are into woodworking, auto repair, crafts, construction, the first and vital step is to identify what your primary use of the workbench will be. 


Additionally, you will want to ask yourself questions that will help guide you down the path of choosing the right workbench.  What size work surface will you need to accommodate your tasks and projects? How much weight will you need it to be able to support? What tools and accessories will you be using?  Will you need a vice?  Is portability a must-have?


To help get you started, we compiled some helpful information on the different types of workbenches available. 


Woodworking Benches


Woodworking benches are solid, sturdy, sizable and designed with the woodworker in mind.  With features like built-in vices and dog holes for securing work pieces, and cabinets and drawers for storage, this bench offers convenience so the craftsman can create more efficiently.  Look for workbenches constructed with thick solid timber, such as beech, to provide a strong and sturdy work surface. 

 Woodworking Workbench



Mechanic Workbenches 


Automotive or mechanic workbenches, like the Homak 59" Wood Top Workbench, are constructed out of steel, wood, or combination of.  These workbenches are designed to carry heavy loads to support the weight of your tools, and work pieces.  Some models come with drawers, cabinets, integrated power outlets, built-in pegboards and shelves.  Work surfaces can also come in solid wood or metal.  



Portable Workbenches


Portable workbenches are a convenient option if your workspace is small or jobsite varies.  These workbenches can either be situated on heavy duty caster wheels, or they can be lightweight enough to fold up and transport.


Rolling workbenches, such as the Trinity 72"x19" Black and Stainless Steel Rolling Workbench, are usually constructed from metal and affixed to heavy duty casters that can bear the load of heavy tools and items.  With the added flexibility and mobility, these workbenches can serve as extensions on existing workbenches in the shop or garage.  Rolling workbenches can also come with drawers and cabinets, for the additional convenience of storage.

 Rolling Workbench

Folding workbenches are essential for the carpenter or construction worker who is frequently changing worksites.  These are lightweight for easy handling and transportation.  The lightweight construction yields a much lighter weight load capacity.  Moreover, these folding workbenches can come equipped with vices, or emergency stop buttons to cut off your tools in emergency situations.


Hopefully, with this knowledge of the different types of workbenches and their unique features, you can feel more confident knowing you will be purchasing the workbench that is right for your needs.